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A vegan fashion & lifestyle blog, that helps you to life a cruelty-free life totally in style. Consider this blog as your vegan fashion & beauty bible that keeps you up-to-date with all the beautiful high quality brands you need to know about to fulfil all your fashion needs and desires. In my experience shopping can be quite tricky as a vegan and a lot less fun than before. But with this blog it’s all about to change. I got your back! You will also find advice on a lot of subjects new vegans are facing in their transition period that are related to nutrition and lifestyle.


When I became vegan about a year ago, I’ve noticed that there are many vegan food blogs out there, that provide a lot of support, give helpful advice and share delicious recipes. There’s a lot of information about vegan diets and even non-vegans are interested in it. Vegan trendy cafés are popping up in big cities, and some traditional restaurants are adding vegan meals to their menus. Vegan regimes are becoming more mainstream than before. It’s not that difficult anymore to follow a vegan diet.


But when it comes to down to fashion… it’s a different story. The fashion industry hasn’t picked up on the vegan movement yet. The big fashion houses still use fur without mercy and this shows their level of compassion towards animals. Even with the increasing number of vegans, fashion houses don’t give any vegan options at all. Don’t they know that vegans nowadays are modern people with a great sense of style, and that we might want to purchase an it-bag as well. High end fashion designer Stella McCartney gives me hope though, by showing her luxurious cruelty-free collection each season on the runway during fashion week. She is the perfect example that animals don’t have to suffer for fashion sake.


With having that said, I must give credit to the amazing vegan fashion brands, that are now showing up to the surface. They are exactly what veganistas want; good quality items, fashionable with a luxurious feel and 100procent cruelty-free. These brands deserve more attention and not only from vegans, everyone should know about them!  This is also part of what I want to achieve with “Vegans got Style”. I want to bring awareness to vegan fashion brands and help them to grow to get a more significant role in the fashion industry. It will be such a huge statement to have recognized popular vegan fashion brands in the fashion world. Consumers will understand that good quality fashion items don’t have to contain animal deprived materials, such as leather for example.  Slowly but sure the fashion industry will become more conscious and compassionate. And one day even cruelty-free!


We are in this together veganistas! Let’s raise awareness for cruelty-free fashion by sharing vegan outfits, fashion items and beauty products with the world by using the hashtags #vegansgotstyle and #veganista on social media!



Lots of Love, Ziya