Vegans got Style | The Fast Track Ticket to the Vegan Lifestyle is Now Online!
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The Fast Track Ticket to the Vegan Lifestyle is Now Online!

Press Release
For immediate release 

Company: Easy Vegan Good Life 
CEO: Ziya Empereur 

A 7-day vegan lifestyle eCourse for transitioning vegans

Become an experienced vegan through a new eLearning program

Barcelona, Spain, August 2, 2018, Ziya Empereur the maker of Easy Vegan Good Life, has launched the 7-day online program that teaches transitioning vegans to fully adapt to the vegan lifestyle. Going vegan has never been easier!

The EVGL students will appreciate learning not only about the whole food plant based diet, their bodies needs and how to practically do groceries as a vegan. The students also learn everything they need to know about buying vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. They learn where to buy trendy and high quality vegan fashion items. How to enjoy going out for dinner in non-vegan restaurants and how to positively deal with people that don’t understand their vegan values.

‘Why would you reinvent the vegan wheel when it is already rolling? The EVGL students don’t have to go through a long and frustrating transition period as they learn everything that an experienced vegan knows. You can consider the EVGL eCourse as a fast-track ticket to the vegan lifestyle.’ Said Ziya Empereur the founder and creator of the Easy Vegan Good Life eCourse. 

Go to for more information about the Easy Vegan Good Life eCourse. When you sign up within 24 hours you get a free 30 min. Skype session with Ziya to get all your questions about the vegan lifestyle answered. 

Release Summary

The Easy Vegan Good Life  is an eCourse that teaches aspiring vegans to become vegan in 7 days. The course is taught in English and consists of the chapters; resetting your mind, food and nutrition, doing groceries, beauty, fashion, and the social aspect of being vegan. The eCourse includes videos, a vegan week menu, informative text guides, easy recipes, a workbook and access to the exclusive EVGL community and exclusive reductions to vegan beauty and fashion brands. 

About Ziya Empereur

Ziya Empereur is a vegan influencer and product developer. She inspires people to go vegan, and she helps the vegan market expand. Ziya is cruelty-free since the age of 4.  For more information 

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