Vegans got Style | Vegan Fashion: review Love Moschino handbag
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Vegan Fashion: review Love Moschino handbag

When I saw the faux leather Love Moschino handbag, it was love at first sight.  Finally a designer handbag that is not made out of leather -was what I thought. The bag is gorgeous. I happily payed 180 euros for it. I’ve been using the handbag almost every day now since a couple months. So I think it’s time for a review and see what I think of the quality.




The brand

Everyone knows the Italian designer brand Moschino. Normally their bags are made from leather. However the more mainstream subline; Love Moschino works with faux-leather instead of leather, in order to lower the price of the products.

The design

Moschino didn’t compromise on the style when they designed this bag for their subline. I’ve got so many compliments about the bag. It’s a simple black handbag but the details make it designer worthy; the quilted ton-sur-ton flap, the golden chain, the red fabric on inside of the bag.

The material

The faux leather is not the best quality on the market. However the material looks good and not cheap, like a lot of faux leather bags do. I must say that 2 friends thought my bag was made from leather.

The red lining looks very luxurious. The fabric is thick and durable. I don’t expect to get key wholes on the inside of the bag. The lining makes the bag more worth it’s money because of the quality but also the look, that is very ligned with the cheerful Moschino style.


I really like that the bag can be carried in 3 different ways. The handbag can be carried short on one shoulder, when you double the chain. Or you can carry the bag as a crossbody or just long on one shoulder.


The bag disforms when the bag isn’t filled enough or when I put one heavy item in my bag. The bottom of the bag drops.  I find this disappointing from a handbag from this price range. I sometimes fill the bag up with a scarf to give the bag a better form. Another complaint I have is that the magnetic closure is unpractical because it’s too small.  I often need to look down at the bag to be able to close the bag properly. And I’m missing metal feet underneath the bag.


The Love Moschino bag is the perfect little/medium black handbag for daily use because of how it looks. The quality is good but it’s definitely not amazing. The bag is a bit overpriced, because of some shortcomings. Moschino could have done it better. If I would buy the bag again? The answer is yes, not because of the great quality but because it’s such a beauty.


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