Vegans got Style | Vegan statement T-shirts are a must for every vegan!
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Vegan statement T-shirts are a must for every vegan!

A vegan statement T-shirt should be a mandatory piece in the wardrobe of every veganista (read: fashionable vegan.) Why? Well.. It’s simply one of the best marketing tools for the vegan lifestyle.

Clothing has an interesting function besides keeping us warm and dressing us up. Through the clothes we wear, we communicate with others how we feel, what we stand for and what our role in society is. We give an image of ourself that we want to share with the people around us.

Vegan statement T-shirts are a powerful way to share the vegan message with the world. Think about it, you walk in the streets, you take the subway, you go to public places, you take selfies that you post on social media. The statement on your T-shirt is seen by more people then you realise. So, why not consciously transmitting a message that can change the world instead of transmitting a superficial insignificant message?

Veganism is becoming more and more common but it isn’t the norm yet. It is important to make people get used to the idea of veganism. The more pubilicty for veganism is out there the sooner people realise that being vegan the way to go.

Another important aspect of wearing a vegan statement T-shirt is that you change the image people have of vegans. Often people think that vegans are bitter and only care about animal liberation. Well that is obviously not the truth. We are normal people that enjoy life, only not at the cost of animal suffering.

Veganism is the future and vegans are the designated persons to spread the vegan word. Simply because we are aware of the fact that it’s wrong and unneccesary to use animals for our food, clothes and entertainment.  You don’t have to be an activist to help the world go vegan. Simply be proud of the beautiful vegan that you are and spread the word through a vegan statement T-shirt!

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