Vegans got Style | What I eat in a day in Valencia (Vegan)
Do you think the vegan diet is boring and restricted? Or do you need vegan food inspiration? I show you what I cook at home and I give you a review of the food I had in the vegan/vegetarian restaurant Malmö in Valencia!
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What I eat in a day!

I’m so excited my very first vegan vlog is online! I show you everything that I eat that day. It started off healthy… and suddenly it turned into a vegan cheat day! I guarantee you: vegan food inspiration!

I also give you a first impression/review of the food in one of the best vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Valencia in Spain, Malmö. Spoiler alert: I loved it #hearteyes

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it! Please show some love in the comment section of youtube!

Much love Ziya




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