Vegans got Style | The Best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona
Barcelona has many vegan restaurants and cafés, surely there are some places that offer better vegan food than elsewhere. Discover which vegan restaurants are a must to visit when visiting Barcelona.
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8 Vegan Hotspots in Barcelona (Must visit)

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world! It’s multi-cultural, trendy, and very vegan-friendly. I have lived in this beautiful city for almost two years. I have taken great pleasure in discovering almost all the vegan restaurants, cafés and food shops! 

There are many good vegan places in Barcelona. Unfortunately, you can’t visit all the vegan places in a weekend. That’s why I’m going to share my favorite vegan spots with you that I think are worth squeezing into you’re Barcelona trip.  


Flax and Kale 

Flax and Kale is an iconic flexitarian restaurant in Barcelona and it is my fav restaurant in the world – yes I know, big statement, but it’s the truth! 

90% Of the food is vegan. The food is healthy and so good, besides that it’s very Instagram worthy just like the restaurant itself. It’s really hard to choose from the menu because there’s so much! On weekdays you get the breakfast menu in the morning and the lunch/dinner menu afternoon. In the weekend you can order from both menus for the whole day.

It’s a hotspot even for non-vegans, celebrities like Cindy Wolfie and Romee Strijd are obsessed with Flax and Kale as well. 

Make sure you reserve in the weekend on their facebook page, getting a table without reserving is not guaranteed.


– Flax and Kale –  Carrer dels Tallers, 74b, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
– Flax and Kale Passage – Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 31-33, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
– Flax and Kale a porter – Passeig de Gràcia, 11, 08002 Barcelona, Spain (for a quick bite)


La Besneta

La Besneta is a small vegan bakery in the Neighbourhood Gracia that I absolutely love!  

They have cupcakes, carrot cake, red velvet cake, tiramisu in a jar, cookies and much more. They have the best vegan cupcakes in the world. I’m not exaggerating.  I  have never eaten such good vegan cupcakes in my life. My all time favorite is the carrot cake cupcake, the frosting is so good! Even writing about them makes me crave it! 


Address: Carrer de Torrijos, 37, 08012 Barcelona, Spain


The Green Spot

The Green spot is definitely a vegan hotspot in Barcelona. It’s a sophisticated flexitarian restaurant with a beautiful interior and a warm atmosphere. The kitchen is open which is in my opinion always a plus.  

The restaurant is perfect for special occasions. I have celebrated my birthday and my first Valentines day with my boyfriend in The Green Spot. 

The menu is not 100% vegan but there is plenty of choice for vegans. All the desserts are vegan too and they’re good! 



Address: Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


Café Menssana

Café Mensana is a health café, they’re not vegan but they offer enough vegan options on their menu to keep a vegan happy. Especially this vegan (me) 

If you want to eat the best vegan burger ever, go to Café Messana. The ingredients they use are of high quality and even though you’re eating a burger with sauce and fries you are eating high-quality food that also provides you nutrients.

I would even say take the metro to go there, as it isn’t an area where tourists come that often. It’s definitely worth traveling if you feel like having good vegan burger or wrap, it isn’t far from the center.


Address: Calle Sardenya 48, 08005 · Poble Nou, Barcelona


Cafè Bar Centric

This small local tapas bar is not so known and definitely not as a vegan restaurant. But as a vegan you can eat here easily with a lot of joy. They have a few vegan tapas on their menu that are really good.

I was obsessed with this little bar and I came quite often. I like that you will grasp the Spanish lifestyle in the bar, as you mainly see locals. The prices are very affordable and it’s cozy inside.

Definitely ask for patatas bravas without salsa, the chickpea and kale salad, the hummus with ”pan” and the aubergine without honey.




La Heladería Mexicana

This small Mexican flexitarian restaurant that is located in Barcelonetta is very casual. They offer good sustainable vegan food like tacos, wraps, nachos and more. They also have vegan Ice-cream, so if you’re on the beach and you feel like vegan ice-cream you can go here for your vegan ice-cream fix!

Address: Carrer de la Mestrança, 49, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


Thai gardens

If you’re in for Thai food and you want to have a quality dinner with good service than Thai garden is the perfect option. The food is great and there are many vegan options. They have two full pages dedicated to vegan food in their menu! 


Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 273, 08007 Barcelona, Spain



La Trocadero 

If you are in the neighborhood of the Sagrada Familia and you are in for a vegan fast-food La Trocadero is exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s say it’s the vegan Mcdonalds of Barcelona. Not healthy.. but yummy! (It’s okay, remember the 80% 20% rule)


Address: Carrer de la Marina, 269, 08025 Barcelona

Es todo!  I am really missing Barcelona after writing this blog post! I need to go back soon and I will make better photos lol because these photos aren’t all mine (shhht!)

Barcelona is an amazing city. Enjoy it a lot!! And please me know if you have been to one of these places, I would love to know what your experience was!

Much Love x Ziya

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