Vegans got Style | Best Vegan Bakery in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida (With photos)
Looking for vegan baked treats in Fort Lauderdale? Go to the Vegan Bakery Parlour. You will love it, check out my personal review and photo's of this vegan instagram-worthy hotspot!
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Best Vegan Bakery in Fort Lauderdale



In for some delicious and pretty looking baked goods while you’re in Fort Lauderdale?  Go to Parlour Vegan Bakery!

It’s a really small bakery without any space to sit,  but that doesn’t take away that it’s a place that I recommend going to!

It’s a perfect bakery to drive by to get a cappuccino with plant-based milk (I had macadamia) and get something to eat while you’re driving or for at work, or at home.

When you have a party forget making everything yourself and get your sweets and snacks at Parlour it will save you time and the food will be the star of the party!

Everything in the bakery is vegan and it was very hard to make a choice because there were so many good-looking, delicious vegan baked goods. So in the end, I bought what I thought would look cool for an Instagram photo (yes guilty) Because honestly, their food is so Instagram-worthy!

The donuts and the sweets were very good but super sweet I mean obviously the bakery is in America – so that makes sense.

But the real OG, in my opinion, was the savory baked goods. Especially the empanadas! Damn those empanadas were good! I had a broccoli, potato and vegan cheese empanada served with vegan garlic sauce and I’m still not over it!

They also have salads and cooked food so that’s also a plus if you need to bring lunch to work or you’re lazy to cook.

When I’m back in Fort Lauderdale I’ll go back the Parlour Vegan Bakery for sure.

And make sure that you follow their Instagram, you will know what I mean with there food being Instagram worthy!

How am I supposed to choose?














Address:1487 S. University Dr. #3 Plantation, Fort Lauderdale 33324

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