Vegans got Style | Discover one of the best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona: Flax and Kale
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Discover one of the best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona: Flax and Kale

Flax and Kale is one of my favorite restaurant in Barcelona. They even have a place in my  top 5 vegan restaurants in Europe! Flax and Kale is actually a flexitarian restaurant. They serve fish, eggs and dairy as well. However 75% of the menu is plant based, which makes the restaurant a perfect eatingspot for vegans. I highly recommend the restaurant to everyone. Even the biggest meat eaters make their way to Flax and Kale and love it!  It’s not just the innovative large menu that offers very correct prices  and the  healthy food that is absolutely amazing. It’s also the cool, modern and  trendy vibe that makes Flax and Kale a true vegan hotspot!

The Atmospere and Interior design


The interior design is  Scandinavion inspired. Minimalistic with an industrial greyish and wooden look, decorated with green plants that gives the whole an natural eco touch. It’s very modern and cool.  It’s exactly how you want a vegan restaurant to look.

They have different indoor and outdoor seatings divided over two large floors. Due its populairty it’s a very busy place and it can be quite loud. It’s always  packed with a very large range of customers; locals, tourists, health lovers, vegans, omnivores, students, business people, families with children, groups of friends and love birds. The atmospere is  casual and informal. It’s a place where you can come exactly as you are.

The menu


The menu is extenisve! The first glance over the menu is like a dream coming true for a healthy vegan food lover. It’s very well indicated if the dishes are vegan, raw, gluten-free or if they contain animal products such as egg, dairy or fish, there’s little space for confusion. They serve delicious breakfast bowls, nutrient rich smoothies and juices,  satisfying  salads,  wraps, pastas, raw foods and divine vegan desserts like cake and ice cream. There is way too much too mention, have a look at the menu yourself,  right here!   The menu is so big, that it’s difficult to make a choice. Also since the portion sizes are quite big,  it’s ideal to share a few dishes together!

The food


The food is really good at Flax and Kale, and the dishes are very interesting and different then want you usual see the  menu in restaurants. The cuisine falls under the new wave vegan healthy and raw cuisine. Tis way of eathing is  upcoming at the moment and will  be trending soon. The principe is that they create dishes with healthy ingrédients and super foods that is far from boring and is super enjoyable and satisfying to eat. They put the dishes together so there’s an explosion of flavours and textures and each bite is a new experience taste.

Advice: It’s wise to make a reservation before arrival. Otherwise the chance is very big that you have to wait more then an hour to  get a table. You can easily  make an online reservation on their website. Oh and order the Kale Chips with vegan cheese to nibble on, while you wait for your meal! It’s the best kale chips ever, it’s very addictive but who cares because it’s super healthy!

Curious what I had at Flax and Kale? Click here for a review with photos!

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