Vegans got Style | Malmö - best vegan restaurant in Valencia (with photos)
Are you looking for a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Valencia in Spain? Read my experience and review of restaurant Malmö to make your decision. Spoiler alert: Very good vegan food!
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Review: Vegan Restaurant Malmö in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain and has many vegan-friendly restaurants. 

The pioneers of the vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Valencia are without a doubt the Copenhagen group that has 3 restaurants under their wing; Copenhagen, Oslo, and Malmö.

As a vegan foodie, I had to start somewhere, and I choose to experience restaurant Malmö first!

Restaurant Malmö is a trendy vegetarian restaurant in the urban chic neighborhood Ruzafa in El Carmen. The area is very alive and before or after your meal you should definitely go to the next bar for a drink and some fun.

The black and light wooden interior is the perfect combination of sophistication and simplicity. Just what I like to see in veggie restaurants. A little bit more upscale and not so hippie. 

The moment you walk in Malmö, you are received by very friendly staff that is during the whole visit very professional and helpful. I only have loving words to say about the staff. And a special shoutout to Arabela,  our waitress she was so sweet!

The menu is big enough to have you think twice what to order and it’s most likely that you will order more dishes because you want to try everything. At least the menu had this effect on me. 

Malmö has interesting menus that are affordable which is a very big plus in my eyes. You can order the ‘’Plato del dia’’ which is only 8 euros. Or you can order the menu of 3 entrees to share, 1 main and a dessert for 18 euros p.p 25 euro when you include a drink. 

Even though the restaurant is called after Nordic cities the food is rather Valencia, Mediterranean or Asian. Some dishes definitely intrigue and are asking to be ordered; like the foie gras made from mushrooms and the vegan tuna made from soy and seaweed. That was very similar to real tuna but less fishy – it was surprisingly good. 

I have ordered many different entrees and mains with my boyfriend over a couple glasses of delicious vegan red wine and rosé.

My favorite dish was by far the ‘’Sweet potato, courgette pesto and cashews over crunchy bread.’’ Although I must say that I have enjoyed all the dishes I have ordered. See the photos below! 

I definitely recommend eating at Malmö and I will come back often. 🙂

If you want to see more about Malmö,  check out my ‘’What Do I Eat in a Day’’ video on youtube where I take you with me lunching at Malmö! See the video here!

Trio of dips. Beet hummus, guacamole, white bean hummus with Arab and Lebanese bread and sweet patato chips.


Sweet potato, courgette pesto, and cashews over crunchy bread.


Tomatoes mix with vegetable tuna, white asparagus foam, purple onion and olive sauce.


Burger with tempura onion, vegan cheese green apple oak leaf lettuce, beet tartare sauce with Malmö potatoes.


Brownie with vanilla ice-cream and pistachios.


Raw cream with date, nuts, cashews, coconut and berries (without added sugar.)

Address:C/ Sueca nº46, 46006 Valencia


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