Vegans got Style | Green&Berry: another vegan restaurant in Barcelona
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Green&Berry: another vegan restaurant in Barcelona

Green&Berry is a cute and small, health orientated, vegan restaurant. That is located in the centre of Barcelona. You can sit inside and order a healthy meal from the menu. Or you can go for coffee and enjoy a vegan treat. If you’re more into a healthy mood and you’re on the go, you can grab a colourful cold pressed juice from the fridge. 

The menu

Everything on the menu is vegan expect for the two sandwiches. I like the menu it’s quite variated. They  have different types of toast toppings like scrambled tofu, mashed avocado with coconut “bacon”, peanut butter and banana, vegan pancakes, zucchini noodles, serveral super food salads, macro longevity bowls, buritos and raw lasagna. So many good options!

And wow the vegan treats they have in the window look amazingly good! Green& Berry seems to know what they are doing when it come to vegan sweets and desserts. There’s plenty of choice; raw cheesecake, protein balls, banana bread, raw oreos, donuts…. Mmmm!!! I haven’t tried anything yet, but I certainly will!

The food


The food is good, it’s fresh and tasty! The preparation and presentation of the food isn’t very sophisticated. They like to keep it simple. No complaints here, simplicity is often key.

I went for the kale and sweet patato salad with avocado, toasted cashews, dried cranberries and mustard dressing. It was very tasty, definitely my kind of salad!

My boyfriend ordered the shitake/quinoa veggie burger. The burger itself was good. However I think that the white bun is a waste of calories and doesn’t belong in a health conscious restaurant like Green&Berry. My boyfriend didn’t seem to care about that fact though, that’s probably why he ordered the burger and not me. We agreed that the meal was ok, nothing too special. We won’t order the burger again. My salad was better ha 😉

The Atmospere and Interior design


The sitting area is quite small. There’s a large table for a group of people. Me and my boyfriend we’re sitting on the sofa along the wall.  The seats we’re stained with big watermarks…. they should refurnish them soon. The interior design is minimalistic and retro and a detail I love is that crockery matches the style and the color of the interior design.


Green&Berry offers good vegan food and drinks. It’s quite small inside and it isn’t the most comfortable place for a lunch. However it’s a great place for a coffee pause and a vegan treat, a quick lunch if you’re in the neighbourhood or to buy take away.


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