Vegans got Style | Vegan hotspot in Barcelona: the flexitarian restaurant Brunch & Cake!
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Vegan hotspot in Barcelona: the flexitarian restaurant Brunch & Cake!

This Sunday in Barcelona, my boyfriend and I ate at Brunch & Cake, a stylish little whole food restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch all day long. It’s a perfect spot for vegans, vegetarians and people that follow a paleo diet or people that simply enjoy good beautiful presented food.


The food

Every single dish is 100% instagram worthy! There’s a lot of effort put into the presentation of the food. Which is a big plus for me. I enjoy my food better when it’s pretty, and that’s definitely the case at Brunch & Cake.

I had the Blueberry coconut banana bowl with fresh fruit and raw granola and the Salted Caramel smoothie with banana, coconut milk, dates and vegan protein. I really enjoyed it and I would order it again. It reminded me of the food in Canggu in Bali (for the people who have been to Bali, you know what I’m talking about!)

The menu

They have a lot of mouthwatering dishes that healthy vegan foodies like me, go crazy for; quinoa salad with sweet patatos, vegan nachos with guacamole and macadamian sauce, vegan pancakes, vegan yogurt plates and smoothie bowls, to name a few.

Next visit at Brunch and Cake I’ll probably go for the salad that you can put together yourself, with many different toppings to choose from.

The drinks they have are very good too, smoothies with organic fruit, no refined sugar and vegan protein and ofcourse, ofcourse they have many healthy juices as well!

The Atmospere and Interior design

Brunch & Cake is located in the centre of Barcelona. When the sun is shining, their terrace is a great spot for lunch or a delicious drink. Inside, it’s nice as well, it’s not very big which makes it cozy. The interior design is modern and minimalistic with white and beige tones.

The place is packed with beautiful trendy girls. My boyfriend noticed this, and he was right. So guys if you’re looking for a vegan protein smoothie and a girlfriend, this is the place where you can score both 😉

The service

The staff was friendly, but they weren’t very attentive. We had to ask for the menu ourselves and we had to wait quite a long time to get our order taken. After we ordered the food, we got served quickly though.


I’m very happy to have discovered Brunch & Cake. I love the healthy vegan dishes they offer and they way the gets presented is just amazinggg!! It’s great place, the only minus was the service that was a bit slow. But I’m looking forward for my next visit!

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