Vegans got Style | Vegan food review: What I ate at Flax and Kale in Barcelona!
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Vegan food review: What I ate at Flax and Kale in Barcelona!

I love the flexitarian restaurant Flax and Kale, I think I will never get enough of their menu, there’s just sooo much to try!

Here is a review of what I have tried last time! Yummm!

Kale Chips

Dehydrated Kale + Vegan Parmesan Cheese

I’m addicted to their Kale chips with Vegan Cheese! It’s so good and so healthy! I always order them when I’m at Flax and Kale. One time I got really small pieces that we’re all crumbled, I returned them and I got new ones immediately.


Raw Super Bowl

Kale +Leafy Greens + Raw Coleslaw Hummus + Carrot Hummus + Squash Noodles with Tumeric Pesto + Asazuke Cucumber + Cherry Tomatos with Basil + Cabbage Sauerkraut + Sprouts

This is my favorite salad on the menu! So much deliciousness in a bowl and oh so healthy! They’re many different flavours and textures that makes this salad far from boring. I highly recommend it!


Teresa Carles Best Veggie Burger

Seasonal Vegetable and Soy Hamburger + Mango Vinaigrette + Wok Vegetables + Roasted Fennel

It was good, but I wasn’t impressed by this dish. I actually thought it was a little bit boring..  It’s something you can easily make at home, so I wouldn’t order it again.


(L) Pink Ladies and Choco Gents Ice cream

Vegan Chocolate Ice-cream + Strawberries + Papaya + Pink Lady cake (Buckwheat Flour + Cream of Coconut and Lemon + Beets  covered  in Vegan White Chocolate) + Rasped Coco + Goij berries

The ice cream is very tasty and the toppings make the desert absolutely amazing! I love this kind of deserts, you have Ice-cream, fruit, cake and some additional toppings, literally everything you wish for! Yummmm!

(R) El Copito Vegano

Caramalized Pear Cake + Macadamia Nuts + Vegan White Chocolate

I’m not a cake lover, but I had to try this cake because I love macadamia nuts and white chococolate.  I really enjoyed the cake, it had the perfect moisture and the taste was great!


Let me know what you had at Flax and Kale!

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